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For most companies, the decision of outsourcing their IT is not the question but rather it has much more to do with the trust towards the provider.

meco Group is not a company with an incomprehensible structure but rather is it a medium-sized provider for those medium to small sized businesses. The personal contact with our customers is very important. In this way, a long-term customer relationship and customer satisfaction can be built and maintained.

The advantages of using the meco Services and Solutions:

  • Either no or a limited number of persons will be needed inside the company to run and maintain the IT.
  • Almost all of the operating costs for the IT are calculated at a fixed rate.
  • The operational safety of the IT is ensured through previously defined criteria.
  • Little capital will be tied up in investment – the IT finances itself through continuous earnings.
  • Security aspects such as Backups, Redundancies, Network Security, etc. will be covered by predefined criteria.
  • IT replacement cycles will be automatically maintained and the competitiveness will be positively influenced in the long-run.