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On the safe side

The subject of data security is relevant more than ever. Massive internet snooping such as PRISM and Tempora but also past and long forgotten scandals such as the data mishaps with the Deutsche Telekom in 2009 raise public awareness.

But, the function of information technological products and systems is for a wide sector of users not immediately and without fundamental expertise, transparent. Trust in information technology is created when the user can rely on the applications. That is expecially true for security of data regarding confidentiality, availability and integrity. To ensure a secure handling of data and information processing systems, it is necessary to develop and maintain security standards according to the respective threat.

The "Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CC)" represents the internationally recognized criteria for examination and evaluation of the security of products. It is suitable for the review of security characteristics of practically all IT products. Typical product classes in the area of software are, i.e. operating systems, databases, firewalls, OC security products, VPN products, email server and signature application components, smartcard controller, signature cards, health insurance cards and chip card readers.

The new LANCOM CC Router portfolio, certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security Technology (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BDI)), guarantees economical and flexible VPN high security solutions for all companies and organizations with distinct security requirements.

In comparison with the expensive Strong-Security-Device which has a very limited field of application, the highly secure LANCOM CC portfolio offers a cost-effective VPN router with Ethernet or fiber optic interface ADSL2+ connection with integrated UMTS or LTE modem and central site VPN gateways.

Nothing stands in the way of a highly secure site network for your company!

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